Mojang cements Technoblade’s legacy by honoring him on the Minecraft Launcher

Technoblade never dies.

Screengrab via Mojang

Popular Minecraft streamer and creator Technoblade recently passed away after battling stage-four cancer for nearly a year. Technoblade was a staple in the Minecraft community and helped shape the game and its fanbase into what it is today.

His closest friends, dedicated fans, and platforms through which the creator worked or partnered have all shared their condolences and honored the creator’s unmatched legacy. Mojang, the team behind Minecraft, has quietly made a small but important change to their Minecraft Launcher artwork in honor of Technoblade.

Minecraft’s Launcher image on Java Edition features Steve and Alex running out of a cave with animals and dangerous mobs surrounding them. One of the animals is a pig, and as is expected, Mojang’s change involves Technoblade’s signature animal and icon.

Image via Mojang

The previous image is what the Minecraft Launcher art looked like before and the image below is what it looks like now. Mojang added a crown to the pig featured on the Minecraft Launcher image in honor of Technoblade’s royal-themed pig skin and signature crown.

Image via Mojang

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Fans are praising Mojang’s tribute because although adding Technoblade’s crown seems like a small detail, it serves to commemorate and celebrate the creator’s contributions to the Minecraft community. His Minecraft skills were unmatched, and Technoblade’s unfailing humor, even in the darkest of times, brought joy to both his community and the world at large.