Mobile Legends: Adventure is the perfect way to pass the time

Mobile Legends: Adventure has a lot of content to discover that doesn’t require an immense amount of time to unlock.

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Sometimes you need a colorful, breezy game to get you through the day. That’s where publisher Moonton’s hit mobile RPG Mobile Legends: Adventure comes in. With a smattering of content that doesn’t require ages to unlock, this is the perfect title to put on when you’ve got a few minutes to kill or simply want a change of pace from your hectic daily routine.

Based on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang series, MLA is an idle RPG that only asks for a few minutes a day to make progress. With an eclectic cast of characters, you’ll find yourself sucked into the hero collection system looking to expand your roster. After taking them on different missions, you’ll level up your heroes to defeat stronger foes with a chance at unlocking even greater allies to aid you. When you’re done for the day, you can safely walk away as your team will continue to accumulate experience when you’re not playing.

MLA features more than 100 different heroes with a selection of alternate outfits and unique animations for ultimate attack skills. After progressing through the game’s story chapters, you’ll learn the backstory of each character and discover their diverse origins firsthand.

MLA includes an RPG battle system with an auto-battle option and the ability to skip battles available for low-level fights. You can also speed up regular battles to give yourself an extra challenge. The main system works on team composition, requiring players to select heroes with complementary skills to tackle enemy teams. Heroes come in five different classes: Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, and Support. Using different combinations of these archetypes will see you emerge victorious.

Each hero is summoned by using diamonds, a currency players will earn by finishing different quests, sending heroes on bounty hunts, or participating in limited-time events. You can also purchase different quantities of diamonds through the Google Play and Apple App stores. Once in your possession, you’ll be able to level up heroes by using resources gained through battle, daily quests, or idle time.

When not engaged in battle, players will find themselves exploring varied dungeons while searching for new loot and items. When traversing a dungeon, special events may trigger that can conjure up multiple enemies and will grant you extra loot upon completion. There are also various mazes players will be tasked with navigating under a limited number of moves.

Mobile Legends: Adventure has a lot of content to discover that doesn’t require an immense amount of time to unlock. Available for free on both Android and iOS, this title is the perfect choice for when you have a few minutes between appointments.

You can download Mobile Legends: Adventure by visiting this link.