MLBB’s M3 World Championship: Group C preview

The group has the sole North American representatives, BTK.

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After an intense first two days of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M3 World Championship, the focus has now shifted to Group C. 

Group C contains the sole North American representative at the M3 World Championship, BTK. The team has dominated locally throughout the year and will now be looking to leave a mark on the global stage. In the group stage, they’ll face the Cambodian representative SeeYouSoon, CIS champions Natus Vincere, and Singaporean heavyweights EVOS SG. 

The teams will face off in a single round-robin format at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Center to determine the playoff seedings. Each team will play every other team once, meaning every squad will compete in three matches. No team will be eliminated in the group stage. 


The schedule for the matches on Dec. 8 is as follows:

  • EVOS SG vs. SeeYouSoon: 12am CT
  • Na’Vi vs. BTK: 1am CT
  • EVOS SG vs. BTK: 2am CT
  • SeeYouSoon vs. Na’Vi: 3am CT
  • EVOS SG vs. Na’Vi: 4am CT
  • SeeYouSoon vs. BTK: 5am CT


All of the matches can be watched live on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok

Rosters and roles


  • Potato: Jungler
  • JPL: Roamer
  • Adammir: Gold laner
  • Seilah: Mid laner
  • Gear: EXP laner
  • Smokey: EXP laner


  • MobaZane: Jungler
  • SHARK: Roamer
  • Victor: Gold laner
  • ZIA: Mid laner
  • FwydChickn: EXP laner


  • SAWO: Roamer
  • Lil: Gold laner
  • Sunset Lover: Mid laner
  • Nagib: EXP laner
  • Defender: EXP laner


  • Houv: Jungler
  • Boxi: Roamer
  • Paragon: Gold laner
  • Runn: Gold laner
  • Ember: Mid laner
  • FELIX: EXP laner

Dot Esports’ power rankings

The Dot Esports power rankings for Group C are as follows. The complete power rankings can be read here

  1. EVOS SG
  2. Natus Vincere
  3. SeeYouSoon
  4. BTK

The group could go in anyone’s favor, though. While EVOS SG will come into tomorrow as the favorites to top the table, the other teams are capable of doing that too. Na’Vi, who are competing in their third MLBB World Championship, are looking for redemption, while SeeYouSoon and BTK have stormed into M3 after dominating locally.

Who will they face in the playoffs?

While no team will be eliminated in the group stage, their performance will be used to determine the crucial seedings for the playoffs. 

The top two teams in Group C will make it to the upper bracket, while the other two will compete in the lower bracket. A team needs to win just three matches in the upper bracket to make it to the grand finals of the M3 World Championship. But in the lower bracket, a team will need to claim six victories to achieve the same feat. Teams in the upper bracket also have that additional cushion of not being directly knocked out of M3. 

Group C will face the teams from Group A, who already played on Dec. 6, in the playoffs. With the Group A results already locked in, here’s who the Group C teams will face based on their rankings. 

Upper bracket

The first-placed team will face the Turkish champions BEDEL (No. 2 in Group A). 

The second-placed team in Group C will take on the Filipino champions Blacklist International (No. 1 in Group A). 

Lower bracket

The third-placed team in Group C will go up against the Latin American champions Malvinas (No. 4 in Group A). 

Finally, the fourth-placed team will face the Brazilian champions RED Canids (No. 3 in Group A).