What are the minimum requirements to play League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile?

They're really low.

league of legends mobile lol wild rift
Image via Riot Games

Many League of Legends fans can’t wait for Wild Rift to arrive on console and mobile devices. While Riot plans to get the mobile version running in all regions by late 2020, the console version will arrive sometime later.

Riot has also promised to release alphas and betas of the mobile version for select regions soon. While no official dates have been revealed, fans expect something to be announced in the next few months.

Many fans are curious if they’ll be able to run League: Wild Rift on their mobile device when it arrives in their region. While the official website for the game says that the exact required specifications aren’t “set in stone,” Riot plans to make it as accessible as possible.

The targeted minimum requirements are:

  • Android: 1GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, and Adreno 306 GPU
  • iOS: iPhone 5S and later devices

The requirements are very low and the game should be able to run on most devices around the world. Riot’s decision to not simply port the PC version to mobile and rebuild a separate game should result in the title being supported on a wide array of mobile devices.