Mega Lopunny coming to Pokémon Go during Easter event

Bunnies, eggs, and flowers will be everywhere.

Image via Niantic

The upcoming Pokémon Go Easter event has officially been revealed and will include Mega Lopunny appearing in the game for the first time.

From April 4 to 8, players will encounter Pokémon like Marill, Buneary, and Bunnelby more frequently. Shiny Bunnelby will also make an appearance. 

Flower Crown Pikachu will once again be available alongside Chansey wearing a similar accessory in the wild. Happiny with a flower crown will be hatching from eggs and any Chansey that evolves into Blissey during the event will keep its crown. 

For players who still plan on battling Team Go Rocket, Shadow Exeggcute will be appearing more often in those encounters. 

In two-kilometer eggs, Exeggcute, Eevee wearing a flower crown, Pichu wearing a flower crown, Togepi, Azurill, Buneary, Happiny wearing a flower crown, Munchlax, Rufflet, and Bunnelby will all be available. Other spring-themed Pokémon will be appearing in raids as well, including Mega Lopunny. 

Special Mega Lopunny inspired avatar items will be available in the shop during the event, too. 

Just like most Pokémon Go events, there will be event-exclusive Field Research to complete and a special Collection Challenge will also be running. Event-exclusive spring-themed Gift stickers will be available from PokéStops and Gifts, too. 

Throughout the entire event, players will get double Candy for hatching eggs, eggs will take half as long to hatch when inside an Incubator, and Lucky Eggs will last a full hour.