League of Legends terminology you should know

There's plenty to get your head around.

Image via Riot Games

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If you’re new to League of Legends, you might find yourself scratching your head when attempting to communicate in-game.

Some players might have a difficult time trying to understand what their teammates are blabbering on about. And viewers watching competitive League gameplay can struggle with some phrases used by popular broadcasters.

Here’s the most important terminology in League of Legends.


AA: Your basic attack or auto attack.

ARAM: All Random All Mid. It’s the little brother to Summoner’s Rift, and its name speaks for itself. All players battle it out for control of a single-lane.

AD: Attack damage.

ADC: Attack damage carry. This is usually your bot laner or marksman. They use attack damage items and are often one of the biggest threats in the game.

AFK: Away from keyboard. If your teammate says this in chat, you’re probably done for. Have fun playing four-vs-five.

AP: Ability power.


Baron: Baron Nashor. This is the big purple boss that appears 20 minutes into a game.

Base: This is where you’ll find the shop, the Nexus, and the inhibitors. If a teammate says they’re going back to base, they’re either recalling, walking manually, or about to die.

BG: Bad game. If someone writes this in all chat, they’re not pleased with the outcome of the match.

BM: Bad mannered or bad manners.

Bot: Bot lane.


Camp: To repeatedly gank a specific lane in quick succession.

Carry: A player who takes hold of the game and leads the team to victory.

CC: Crowd control.

Cheese: An unusual champion build or team strategy that allows a player to gain momentum in the game. It’s often unorthodox and comes off as a surprise.

Clown fiesta: A ridiculous teamfight or game where nobody knows what’s happening. It usually refers to a lower ranked game, but can be relevant up to the highest level.

Creeps: Monsters or minions.

CS: Creep score. This is how many minions a specific player has slain in that game.


Dive: To continue attacking an opponent and pursuing a kill beneath an enemy turret.


Elo: A rating system for a player’s rank.

Elo hell: A rank that’s difficult or seemingly impossible to get out.


Face check: Walking into a brush without vision.

Farm: The act of killing creeps.

FF: Forfeit or /ff to surrender a game.


GA: Guardian Angel, an in-game item.

Gank: To flank and surprise and an enemy champion in their lane.

Glass Cannon: A set of items that allows a champion to deal high damage while sacrificing defensive stats.

GG: Good game. This is often said in chat when the Nexus is destroyed.


Hypercarry: A champion that often flourishes in the late game with scaling and a full set of items, such as Vayne.


Inhib: Inhibitor. The three glowing things behind the towers in your base.

Insec kick: A play where Lee Sin knocks back an enemy champion into the fray of his allies with the use of Dragon’s Rage (ultimate ability). The phrase is named after former pro player Choi “inSec” In-seok.

Int: Intentionally feeding (allowing your enemy to kill you).


Juke: To dodge an incoming ability.


Kill lane: A combination of champions (in the bot late) with the intent of finding kills, rather than playing a passive playstyle.

Kiting: Backing away from an enemy and dealing free damage, while simultaneously avoiding attacks.


Lane bully: A champion that’s specifically prominent in the laning phase of the game. They typically take the upper hand when trading and can often secure an early kill.

Laning phase: The early stages in a game where players farm to build items.

Last hit: Securing the kill on a minion or an enemy champion. This is essential to receiving gold.

Leash: When a player assists a teammate (usually a jungler) with killing a monster.

LoL: League of Legends.

Lol: Laughing out loud.


Main: A player’s favorite or most-played champion.

Meta: The current best playstyle, strategy, or champions in the game.

MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.


Nerf: To cause an aspect of the game (often a champion) to be weaker or ineffective.


OMW: On my way.

One-Trick Pony: A player who can only play one champion well.

OP: Overpowered. Too strong.

Overextending: Pushing too far, often without vision.


PBE: Public Beta Environment. A test server for unreleased content and champion balances.

Peeling: Using crowd control or snaring to stop enemies from attacking a teammate.

Penta: Killing five enemies within a short time period.

Poke: Damaging enemy champions while staying back at a safe distance.

PvP: Player versus player.


QQ: Used to imply someone is complaining about an issue.


Ragequit: Leaving the game prematurely out of frustration.

Riot: The developers of League of Legends, Riot Games.

Scrim: Scrimmage. When teams compete in a friendly match in preparation for a tournament.

Shop: The in-game location where items are bought.

Snare: An ability debuff that slows an enemy’s movement speed or stops them entirely.

Snowball: When a champion secures an early advantage and quickly gets out of control.

Squishy: A champion that’s easily killed due to their lack of health or defensive capabilities.

SS: A shortened version of “missing.” This is typed in team chat when an enemy champion is missing from a lane.

Synergy: How a team composition or a set of champions work with each other.


Tilt: When a player is frustrated and plays progressively worse, resulting in overaggression and a temporary decrease in skill.

Tower hugging: Hiding beneath a tower in order to prevent an enemy from attacking freely.

Toxic: A player who’s negative or offensive.

TP: Teleport.

Trading: Exchanging damage with an enemy, often in the laning phase.

Troll: A player who intentionally disrupts a game for the sake of humor.


Ult: Ultimate (R ability).

URF: Ultra Rapid Fire. A popular game mode that’s unavailable right now.


Vent: Ventrilo, a voice chat software that’s no longer popular.


Wet Noodle Fight: When two champions with very little damage, often tanks, fight each other.

WP: Well played. A phrase that a sportsmanlike player often says after a game.


Yi: Master Yi, a jungle champion.


Zoning: Preventing an enemy from gaining experience or gold.