League of Legends: Wild Rift has gone live early in Europe

Some League fans might cancel everything they have scheduled for today and tomorrow.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has been biding its time with the release of Wild Rift. The game’s full release still doesn’t have a specific date, but the developer has been rolling Wild Rift out in different regions throughout 2020. And now, the game is live slightly earlier than expected in Europe.

Europe, Turkey, Russia and CIS, and the Middle East and North Africa were scheduled to get their hands on the newest mobile MOBA sensation on Dec. 10, but it looks like European users were able to get their hands on Wild Rift earlier than others in the waiting queue.

Shortly after the European Wild Rift fans started reporting that they could download the game through Google Play and Apple App stores, fans from other regions also chimed in to update their status.

Users from TurkeyMENA, and Russia said the game was available for download a few hours after it went live for the European region. Though it looks like the game is slowly rolling out in these regions, there are still fans claiming they don’t see a download button when they check out Wild Rift’s Google and Apple Store pages.

This could mean that even though some players may get to have a taste of Wild Rift as soon as today, an official launch can still occur on Dec. 10, the release day Riot promised back in November.

If you’re in one of the four previously mentioned regions, you can simply navigate to the Google Play and Apple App Store to see whether Wild Rift is downloadable for you. You’ll be able to login to the game after linking your Riot account either with your Apple or Google accounts, but the servers’ stability may vary.

Considering this silent release has happened without any official statements from Riot, the developer may be looking to stress test its servers prior to one of the larger scale releases in the game’s history. Turkey, Europe, Russia/CIS, and MENA are regions with gigantic League of Legends player bases, meaning the demand will likely be significantly higher on Dec. 10.

Any users from regions without beta access looking to access the game with VPNs should proceed with caution since Riot has been taking strict measures against players who are doing so. Riot has found a solution in preventing access to most popular VPN services, but the status of the accounts that are still able to access the beta with other available VPNs remains a mystery.

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