Krafton is making it harder to fire from moving vehicles in New State Mobile

The Volta is also getting significant nerfs in the next update.

Image via Krafton

If firing from moving vehicles to take down enemies with allies is your thing, you may find it more difficult to do so from New State Mobile’s next update. Krafton announced yesterday that it was nerfing accuracy and recoil control while shooting from a moving vehicle.

These changes are a part of the larger adjustments to the Vehicle Meta, which Krafton has been changing since the February update. Last month, it decreased the durability of most vehicles in New State Mobile. The developer also reduced the durability of vehicle doors by about 50 percent and made it impossible to fire riding shots when the door has been destroyed.

With vehicles being popular in the battle royale game – not only for their ability to provide quick rotations but also the strategic advantage of the cover provided by them – Krafton is trying to shift the meta to reduce players’ dependency on them.

In the March update, the accuracy and recoil control will be nerfed when firing from a moving vehicle. Additionally, some changes have been made to the Volta electric vehicle. The acceleration of the vehicle when boosting and the ability to make sharp turns has been nerfed while its sound has been increased. Players will now find it harder to sneak up on enemies in the car. Last month, Krafton also increased the sound of the Electron electric vehicle.

Krafton said the nerfs to Volta and firing from vehicles are in the final stages of testing and will be implemented in the March update. A release date hasn’t been revealed.