HVNB win PUBG Mobile Pro League Vietnam Season 3

The team put up a dominating performance to take the trophy.

Image via Tencent

HVNB (HocVienNamBlue) has been crowned as the champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Vietnam season three. 

The team put up a dominant performance across the 15 matches in the finals, which happened from April 15 to 18. They got six top-two finishes in the competition, with three of them being chicken dinners. Along with a staggering 125 kills, HVNB accumulated 215 points, far ahead of second-placed Eagle Esports, which had 152 points. 

The top two teams from here will now be representing the country in the PMPL SEA Championship and the Peacekeeper Elite Invitational (PEI) Asia 2021. 

The PEI will be played on the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile which is called Peacekeeper Elite. It will feature 15 teams from across Asia and will happen from April 27 to 29. 

The PMPL SEA Championship, on the other hand, features the best 16 teams from Southeast Asia. Along with HVNB and Eagle Esports, league stage champions Infinity IQ will also be representing Vietnam in the competition. 

Here are the overall standings of the PMPL Vietnam season three finals. 

  1. HVNB: 215 points
  2. Eagle Esports: 152 points
  3. FFQ: 148 points
  4. One More: 146 points
  5. BOX Gaming: 143 points
  6. BAT: 139 points
  7. V Gaming: 131 points
  8. Infinity IQ: 124 points
  9. DRK Esports: 114 points
  10. Shine Like Diamond: 108 points
  11. TALENT: 85 points
  12. 8Nine Squad: 70 points
  13. D2F: 63 points
  14. Like Glue Gaming: 52 points
  15. Hero Gaming: 39 points
  16. Four Talent: 38 points