How to unlock the Hacker battle royale class in Call of Duty: Mobile

Players will be able to block enemy gadgets with this class.

Image via Activision

The Hacker battle royale class has arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Like all other battle royale classes, it has an ability and a passive. Activating the ability, called Ice Pick, will block out all enemies’ radars in a radius around the player. All enemies’ gadgets will also be rendered useless for a short period.

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The passive of the Hacker class, on the other hand, is called Hard Wired. This prevents the player’s mini-map from being interfered with by an enemy Hacker. Another feature of the passive is that it ensures the player remains undetectable by an enemy’s radar. This means that an enemy won’t be able to spot the player on their mini-map.

Image via Activision

How to unlock the Hacker class?

The Hacker class can be unlocked by all players for free through the ongoing “Technogeek” featured event in Call of Duty: Mobile.

In this, players have to complete specific missions to earn points. These points will unlock the Hacker class and give other rewards, such as the Special Ops three soldier with the Iridescent uniform.

Here are the missions. All of these have to be completed in the battle royale mode. Every mission will grant 10 points.

  • Pick up a customized weapon from an airdrop three times.
  • Survive in a match for 20 minutes.
  • Enter the top 20 two times.
  • Use vending machines in the Black Market two times.
  • Run over and kill two enemies while driving a vehicle.
  • Use armor plates to repair your vest five times.
  • Deal 1,500 damage.
  • Use the CD machine in Downtown two times.
  • Kill two enemies with headshots.
  • Pick up a rare weapon five times.
  • Land in the Radar Base area two times.
  • Kill three enemies in the Outpost area.

Players will progress through the event with every mission completed up to 100 points. Rewards will be given out every 20 points. These are:

  • Parachute – Freight Train: 20 points
  • Wingsuit – Freight Train: 40 points
  • ATV – Freight Train: 60 points:
  • Hacker class: 80 points
  • Special Ops three – Iridescent: 100 points

The event will run until Oct. 13 at 7pm CT.