How to get Shiny Pikachu Libre in Pokémon Go

It's a limited-time offer for now.

Image via Niantic

It’s hard to call a Pokedex complete unless you have all the shiny Pokémon in your collection. The most dedicated trainers have been looking forward to the next big event to add more Shiny species to their collections, but it’s also possible to run into them in the wild.

They tend to have considerably lower drop rates compared to their regular versions, however, and the ones that belong to custom edition Pokémon will be more challenging than finding any other Shiny.

Pikachu Libre was introduced to the Pokémon series in 2014, and it didn’t make it to the Shiny list until the end of 2020. Though trainers were aware of Pikachu Libre’s presence in Pokémon Go, reports showcasing the Shiny version of it started flooding in late December 2020.

Pikachu Libre is the reward for the last rank in the Pokémon Go Battle League season six. There are a total of 24 ranks in this league, and reaching the maximum tier may take you quite a while. While you’ll be able to breeze through the first 15 tiers or so, progression slows down heavily, increasing the time you’ll need to commit to obtain Pikachu Libre.

If you have your eyes set on the prize, you’ll need to follow these steps.

  • Join the Pokémon Go Battle League season six.
  • Make your way to the 20th rank.
  • You’ll need to keep playing and obtain a rating above legend status to hit rank 24.
  • When you get to rank 24, you’ll be granted an encounter with Pikachu Libre and it’ll have a chance to be Shiny.
    • Make sure to use a Master Ball and all the berries you can throw since it’s going to be a one-time opportunity.

Considering each season has different prizes, Pikachu Libre may not be available during the next season of the Battle League. It doesn’t mean that the Shiny version of the Pokémon won’t be available again, however, since Niantic always finds a way to reintroduce rare Pokémon during thematic events.