Some Pokémon Go trainers are encountering a shiny Pikachu Libre

It's the very best.

Image via Niantic

Some players have reportedly found a shiny Pikachu Libre as their Rank 24 reward for season six of the Pokémon Go Battle League.

For the newest season of the Battle League, Niantic implemented a new reward structure and raised the highest rank to 24. As players climbed the ladder, they were rewarded with rare resources and Pokémon encounters.

Players who reach a Battle League rating of 3,000 are catapulted into the elite Legend club and will reportedly be granted an exclusive Pikachu Libre encounter. A lucky few have confirmed that they were greeted with a shiny one, too.

If you’re trying to hit the highest rank on the ladder from scratch, it’s practically impossible. Players are capped at six sets of five matches per day and ranks 21 to 24 are especially cutthroat.

If you’ve stopped partway through, however, now might be the time to charge up your phone and start battling for an ultra-exclusive reward. Season six of the Battle League ends on Jan. 11 at 3pm CT.