How to get Shiny Hippopotas in Pokémon Go

It's still possible.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go offers players a way to catch their favorite Pokémon species from many of the game’s generations.

While there are always Pokémon to catch, some players are in search of the more rare Shiny forms of specific Pokémon.

A Shiny form offers a color variant of the Pokémon, but to find a Pokémon like this you’ll need a lot of luck. The chance of finding one of these is around one in every 450 encounters. Because of this, it can be wise to stack the deck in your favor when pursuing a Shiny Pokémon.

One of the Pokémon that most recently received a Shiny form during the recent Sinnoh Celebration Event was Hippopotas.

The Ground-type Pokémon was available in abundance during this event, allowing many players to capture its shiny form.

How to get Shiny Hippopotas in Pokémon Go

Image via Nintendo

The best time to catch a Shiny version of Hippopotas was during the Sinnoh Celebration Event. This was because of the drastically increased spawn rate that allowed players to catch as many of the species as needed until they finally encountered a Shiny.

While the event may be over, players’ chances of catching a Shiny Hippopotas are not completely gone. Wild encounters still have the same chance of being a Shiny version.

If you’re to encounter one in the wild it may be wise to remain in that location and activate any items to increase the spawn rate of Hippopotas. These items include incenses or lures, which can be activated on a near PokéStop.

Each different gender of the Pokémon has a slightly different appearance. The male Hippopotas is mostly a light brown color with dark brown eyes and spots. Alternatively, the female version is the opposite, appearing with a mostly dark brown coloring with light brown spots.

The same change occurs in the shiny forms of the two types of Hippopotas, however, the shiny coloring is slightly lighter, giving it more of a khaki appearance.

While this process may take a while before you finally encounter the Pokémon you’re after, it’s currently the only way to find a shiny Hippopotas in the game. Keeping up to date with upcoming events is also a great idea so you can be aware of if the Pokémon’s spawn rate is to be increased again anytime soon.