How to get revives in Pokémon Go

Your Pokémon will get back on their feet in no time.

Image via Niantic

Just like humans, Pokémon also need a time-out once in a while, especially after a Gym fight where you may have underestimated the opposing trainer.

Though there are multiple alternatives to heal your Pokémon, none will work if they have zero health points (HP). An empty health bar doesn’t necessarily mean your Pokémon are gone for good, but you’ll need to bring out the big guns to get them back into fighting shape.

Only Revives can heal Pokémon from zero HP, and they’re considerably less common than any other consumables in the game. Despite having a lower drop rate, you should have a decent-sized stock of them if you’ve been logging in daily to hang around for a couple of hours.

If your favorite Pokémon is down and you’re out of Revives, however, you’ll need to focus on finding more instead of whatever Pokémon Go routine you may have. Using regular Revives will return your Pokémon back to its glory days with half HP, while using a Max Revive will grant them a full HP bar. Max Revives are slightly rarer than regular Revives, but they both drop from similar sources, meaning you’ll be searching for both when you need revives.

Here’s how you can find Revives and Max Revives in Pokémon Go.

  • Level up your trainer
    • Each level unlocks new rewards and most of them tend to be supplies. There’s a decent chance that you can secure a couple of Revives while leveling up, and pushing for that next level can be a feasible idea if you desperately need a Revive.
  • Open gifts
    • Sharing is caring. You’ll receive some free items while you open gifts in Pokémon Go. This is a mechanic introduced to increase gift exchanges between friends, and you can easily ask your friends to gift you a couple of common items or even start a gift exchange extravaganza by yourself. All you need to do is start sending gifts to everyone on your friends list and they should start returning the favor soon enough.
  • Visit PokéStops and Gyms to spin Photo Discs
    • PokéStops and Gyms are the bread and butter of all Pokémon Go trainers. Each Photo Disc spin will grant you supplies to use in your adventures, and Revives also belong in that category. Revives and Max Revives tend to be more scarce, meaning you’ll get more Pokéballs than Revives in your runs.
  • Complete Research Tasks
    • Research Tasks can be time-consuming, but they’re worth it in the long run for what they have to offer. If you’ve been playing casually for a while, then chances are you’ll have countless Research Tasks waiting for you, and going over them will let you get your hands on a handful Max and regular Revives. You’ll also be able to see the rewards of Research Tasks, meaning you can completely focus on the ones that’ll reward you with Revives.
  • Defeat Raid Bosses
    • Raiding is one of the most challenging adventures you’ll go through in Pokémon Go. Finishing Raid may exhaust a handful of your Pokémon, but defeating raid bosses will at least grant you some Revives to ease the pain. The number of Pokémon that will need a Revive will most likely be higher than the ones you’ll get as a reward, but it’s still better than nothing.
  • Follow season events
    • Pokémon Go always tries to keep the gameplay fresh with seasonal events. These events can have their own set of quests tied with various rewards. Check to see if there’s an event going on and skim the rewards for a potential Revive. If there’s anything listed that can net you a few Revives, it may a decent idea to get that quest out of the way even if you weren’t planning on participating in the event.