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How to fix ‘Game Unavailable’ error on Epic Games Store

It's a minor annoyance.

Image via Epic Games

Right after purchasing a new game on the Epic Games Store, the natural instinct of gamers will be to download it. In most cases, the download process should start without any error unless you receive a notification that says the game you’re trying to install or play is unavailable.

The “Game Unavailable” error often shows up whenever Epic’s servers are down and it gets fixed fairly quickly, sometimes within minutes. It can also appear on its own, however. Players can still get rid of it by following easy troubleshooting steps.

To fix the Game Unavailable error, you’ll need to:

  • Head to your Library and find the game that is unavailable to download or launch.
  • Click on that game’s store page and click the blue in library button, which will take you back to your Library.
  • Once you get back to your Library from the store page, the Game Unavailable error should be gone.

If you’re a Fortnite player, for example, and the error persists after applying the steps above, you should check Fortnite’s server status. Epic’s servers don’t go down that often and when they do, they usually come back online shortly. The developers also keep players updated through the Fortnite status page on Twitter.

Players who encounter the Game Unavailable error after fixing it will need to follow the above procedures once again. Trying to download a game and pausing it to start installing the title that had the Game Unavailable error can also work. You can always contact Epic if the error keeps coming back after resolving it multiple times.