How to find and capture Zamazenta in Pokémon Go: Hero of Many Battles counters, weaknesses

Rising of the Shield Hero.

Image via Niantic

Hot off the heels of Zacian, Zamazenta in its Hero of Many Battles form is joining Pokémon Go on the last week of August before disappearing back to the Galar region.

Alongside many other Pokémon from generation eight, it will be appearing as part of the third Ultra Unlock event in Pokémon Go. It’s the perfect time to not only get Zacian and Zamazenta, but a bunch of new Galar Pokémon that will be making their debuts.

But we aren’t here to talk about them. We’re here to talk about Zamazenta, which will be appearing during the following dates:

  • Aug. 26 to Sept. 1, 10am local time

It’ll be appearing in level five raids, meaning a party of at least 10 will be needed to take it down. Doing so will give you a chance of catching the Pokémon, but there are no guarantees here. So be sure to save up on raid passes to have the best chance of taking it down and capturing it at the end.

How to beat and capture Zamazenta in its Hero of Many Battles form

Zamazenta in its Hero of Many Battles form is a pure Fighting-type, making it weak to a number of different type moves.

You can use a Pokémon that knows a Flying, Psychic, or Fairy-type move to start, so Pokémon like Zacian that released the week prior, Sylveon, Xerneas, Gardevoir, and more are useful in this matchup. Just make sure they actually know the right type of move, though.

Furthermore, you want to avoid using Pokémon that are Bug, Rock, or Dark-type unless you want to see your Pokémon die a quick death in the raid battle. Using type moves is also a no-go since Zamazenta will hardly take any damage.

Lastly, remember to stock up on a bunch of Golden Razz Berries for after the fight is over. Golden Razz Berries will increase the chances of a successful capture with the limited amount of Poké Balls you are given. Also, don’t expect to see a Shiny Zamazenta during its first week in-game.