How to complete the Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go’s Halloween Mischief Part 2: Ghoulish Pals event

Would you like to super size your Ghost-type?

Image via Niantic

The Halloween Mischief event already added a lot of new content to Pokémon Go, and its second part continues that trend with the introduction of Pumpkaboo and Phantump—and Mega Absol if you want to participate in Mega Raids. 

Phantump and its evolution Trevanent are making their debut, but the real star of the Halloween Mischief Part Two: Ghoulish Pals festivities is Pumpkaboo and its evolved form Gourgeist.

Not only is the Ghost/Grass-type species appearing just in time for spooky season, but Niantic has also added a new size mechanic that will see Pumpkaboo, and Gourgeist, appearing in various sizes in the game. 

To tie the size mechanic into the event, Niantic is going to have players go looking through the pumpkin patch with a new Collection Challenge themed around Pumpkaboo. This challenge will task players with collecting haunted pumpkins in all of the available sizes—small, average, large, and supersize. 

Image via Niantic

If you plan on trying to complete this new Collection Challenge, here are all of the tasks you need to complete, though they are very straightforward and shouldn’t take you too long compared to previous iterations of the challenge. 

Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge

  • Catch a Pumpkaboo (Small Size)
  • Catch a Pumpkaboo (Average Size)
  • Catch a Pumpkaboo (Large Size)
  • Catch a Pumpkaboo (Super Size)

Total Rewards: Five Rare Candy