How to complete the Día de Muertos Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Spooky bug. Scary bug.

Image via Niantic

Día de los Muertos is here, which means the coinciding Pokémon Go event is back for another year. This year, for the first time, it’s available globally. 

Focusing on Pokémon that fit the overarching themes of the holiday, such as colors, flowers, and those beyond the land of the living, players will have a nice selection of content to enjoy along with the other festivities on Nov. 1 and 2.

The event offers new features to celebrate the festivities and to give players more reason to log in, from Pokémon like Alolan Marowak, Sableye, Roselia, and Yamask making more frequent appearances via Incense and wild encounters to event-exclusive research. Players can even claim a free Event Box containing 20 Poké Balls and an Incense, plus a Día de Muertos T-shirt avatar item in the Item Shop. Trainers in Latin America and the Caribbean will receive extra bonuses as well. 

As part of the event, a new Collection Challenge themed around the Bug/Ghost-type Shedinja is also live. Here are all of the tasks you need to do in order to complete it. 

Collection Challenge

  • Catch a Sunkern
  • Catch a Roselia
  • Catch a Murkrow
  • Catch a Cubone
  • Catch a Houndour
  • Catch a Sableye
  • Catch a Sunflora
  • Catch a Drifloon

Total Rewards: One Incense, one Poffin, and a Shedinja encounter.