How to complete Pokémon Go’s 5th Anniversary event Collection Challenge

If you like starter Pokémon, this is the challenge for you.

Image via Niantic

To celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, Niantic is pushing a ton of bonuses and additional content live in a new event that will highlight some specific elements of Pokémon Go for players from July 6 to 15. 

This includes a new anniversary Flying Pikachu with a five-shaped balloon and the first appearance of both Shiny Darumaka and Shiny Meltan in the game. 

Additionally, Niantic is adding a new Item Bag expansion, Special and event-exclusive Field Research, and more ways to encounter rare Pokémon, like all of the starter Pokémon currently available in Pokémon Go, which are either appearing more frequently in the wild or as bonus rewards. 

To pair with the bonuses and research tasks, there is a new Collection Challenge. As always, all you need to do is capture certain Pokémon to complete the challenge and get the various rewards, such as an anniversary Flying Pikachu encounter, 80 Poke Balls, and three Rare Candies.

5th Anniversary Collection Challenge

  • Catch a Bulbasaur
  • Catch a Charmander
  • Catch a Squirtle
  • Catch a Chikorita
  • Catch a Cyndaquil
  • Catch a Totodile
  • Catch a Treecko
  • Catch a Torchic
  • Catch a Mudkip
  • Catch a Turtwig
  • Catch a Chimchar
  • Catch a Piplup
  • Catch a Snivy
  • Catch a Tepig
  • Catch a Oshawott
  • Catch a Chespin
  • Catch a Fennekin
  • Catch a Froakie
  • Catch a Flying Pikachu

Total Rewards: Anniversary Flying Pikachu encounter, 80 Poke Balls, and three Rare Candies