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How to collect Infinity Stones in Fortnite Endgame LTM

We're in the endgame now.

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The Fortnite x Avengers crossover was revealed yesterday with the release of the Endgame Limited Time Mode and a set of free challenges with exclusive rewards for completing them.

One of the first three Endgame challenges asks players to collect three Infinity Stones when playing the Avengers LTM. This might sound like an easy task, but there’s some randomness to it that you can also manipulate to get the challenge done faster.

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Infinity Stones are the colored gems that spawn during an Endgame match. Heroes have to protect them from Thanos’ Chitauri while they try to collect all six to destroy heroes. This means that players must be on Thanos’ side to collect Infinity Stones, which is something that’s defined at random once a match starts. Playing as a hero won’t let you progress.

Anyone who wants to grab an Infinity Stone must approach it and hold the interact button for about five seconds to claim it. Being hit by an opponent will interrupt the interaction and force you to restart it. Once the interaction ends, you’ll claim the Infinity Stone for your team and progress through the challenge.

Tips and tricks

Since being hit by an opponent interrupts the interaction with Infinity Stones, building around you while you claim it is important. If you’re playing with friends, ask them to build around you and the stone while you’re interacting with it to make sure opponents can’t take down your protection. Also, remind everyone in your party to turn on Party Assist for that challenge before jumping into a match so that whenever one of you grabs the Infinity Stone, everyone else gets credit for it.

Infinity Stones spawn at random, and the first one takes some time to appear. The best strategy to be the first one to reach the first Infinity Stone is to drop off the Battle Bus and immediately open your glider without moving. Doing so will make you stay in the air long enough for the first stone to appear, and then you’ll already be able to glide toward it quickly instead of having to find a vehicle or run to it on the ground.

The next time you play Endgame on Thanos’ side, make sure to do all this to complete this challenge in very few matches. Once you’re done, play the builder role to protect and help others complete it as well.