How to catch Comfey in Pokémon Go

Hope you like a light breeze and palm trees.

Screengrab via Niantic

Comfey is now available in Pokémon Go with the addition of other Alola region Pokémon, and the elusive little creature has a lot of trainers scratching their heads.

For those who are getting frustrated with not being able to find Comfey, a flight to Hawaii might comfort you—and it might also get you that Comfey you’ve been looking for. Comfey is region-locked to Hawaii. Only those who are physically on one of the islands in Hawaii are going to see the Pokémon spawn for them.

Just like other region-locked Pokémon, there may be a different way to catch Comfey in the future. But for now, the only way to get it is to travel to Hawaii or meet up with someone who was recently there and trade it.

If no friends from Hawaii are visiting anytime soon and you don’t plan on taking a trip out there either, not all hope is lost. Pokémon Go will usually release region-locked Pokémon during events. Sometimes, they’re added to Raids, other times, they’re hatchable from eggs, and rarely, they spawn in the wild.

Comfey was just released and region-locked to Hawaii, which means it may be a while before anyone not in Hawaii has the chance to capture it. It could be a long wait for those itching to complete their Pokédex for the Alolan region. But for those who have the means to travel there, it sure isn’t a horrible place to go to if you want to get it.