How to answer “which of these is a Nopon?” in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Have you never played Xenoblade Chronicles before?

Image via Nintendo

The Mysterious Dimension in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s World of Light has an abundance of questions that the game asks you to answer in order to unlock the last few hidden characters.

Most of these questions are based on the various franchises in the game, so unless you’ve played them all, you might struggle to answer each one successfully the first time around.

It’s worth brushing up on your game knowledge, though—not only does answering these questions help you proceed, it also unlocks treasure chests that have great rewards for you to unlock.

“Which of these is a Nopon?” is one of those questions that has stumped a lot of fans. It’s based on the Xenoblade Chronicles series, one of Nintendo’s lesser-known franchises, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t answer it.

Image via Nintendo

The Nopon are a race of small, fuzzy creatures hailing from that game. You’ll want to choose Riki or Tora to answer the question correctly and proceed through the level.