How do Achievements work in Pokémon UNITE?

This feature is a little odd, but gives out rewards if you know what you are doing.

Image via TiMi Studio

TiMi Studio tends to add new features and content with each major update to Pokémon UNITE, and this time the developers have added Achievements to the game. 

This new feature will task players with completing certain tasks, just like daily, event, and battle pass missions, to earn rewards and unlock various types of achievements. 

UNITE’s Achievement system is split into two categories that each revolve around specific types of challenges. 

Type One deals with general parts of the game such as obtaining fashion items, getting a set number of knockouts in a row, or teaming up with friends and winning battles. Meanwhile, Type Two is Pokémon-specific, asking players to use moves or abilities in certain ways across the entire roster. 

Each Achievement also has three tiers, Beginner, Expert, and Master. Completing each tier will earn you scaling rewards, check off an achievement from the list, and add to your Achievement Score. The rewards also vary from Aeos Tickets to Aeos Coins, with some even offering special items like exclusive avatar or profile items. 

Typically, the scaling rewards will go as follows for each tier:

  • Beginner: Set number of Aeos Tickets
  • Expert: Set Number of Aeos Coins
  • Master: Special item (such as profile background or exclusive sticker)

Some Achievements count previous progress made before the feature was implemented, though this seems to only apply to the Challenge section of Type One, which includes things like obtaining a set number of fashion items or Unite Licenses.

Image via TiMi Studio

The Pokémon challenges in Type Two will likely take players much longer to complete than the Type One achievements, but you can always view the requirements from the Achievement menu.