Here are the recipes for all 46 drinks in the Oasis Fresh event of PUBG Mobile

The drinks can be consumed to trigger new emote effects.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile’s Oasis Fresh event is giving players the chance to win some exciting rewards, such as the Tsunami skin for the SKS, AG, Coupons, and more. The event has also added up to 46 new emotes that can be used on the Spawn Island or Cheer Park. 

In the event, players have to collect four different types of ingredients and ice by playing PUBG Mobile. These ingredients can then be combined to create a drink. These drinks can be equipped and consumed on the Spawn Island or Cheer Park to trigger various “fun emote effects.”

Screengrab via Tencent

The four ingredients are Syrup, Flavoring, Chili Sauce, and Sour Juice. There’s a higher chance of getting Syrups in classic maps and Flavorings on the Livik map. Players can get the Sour Juice by teaming up with friends. The chances of getting Chili Sauce increases with a player’s rank. Ice can be found in Cheer Park. 

The event will be live until July 27.

Here are the recipes for all 46 drinks in the Oasis Fresh event of PUBG Mobile:

Name of DrinkIngredientsShakingIce
Motor DilFlavoring, Flavoring, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Cherry BlossomSyrup, Syrup, SyrupGentlyNo
Butter FizzSyrup, Syrup, FlavoringGentlyNo
Sweet ThoughtsSyrup, Syrup, Sour JuiceGentlyNo
HodgepodgeSyrup, Sour Juice, FlavoringGentlyNo
Szechuan SauceSyrup, Sour Juice, Chili SauceGentlyNo
NojitoSyrup, Sour Juice, Sour JuiceGentlyNo
Golden BoySyrup, Syrup, Chili SauceGentlyNo
Pan52Syrup, Flavoring, Chili SauceGentlyNo
Bitter Gourd ColaSyrup, Flavoring, FlavoringGentlyNo
Couch PotatoSyrup, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceGentlyNo
ChickenpolitanSour Juice, Sour Juice, Sour JuiceGentlyNo
BambooSour Juice, Sour Juice, FlavoringGentlyNo
Sir Miss-a-lotSour Juice, Sour Juice, Chili SauceGentlyNo
Salty DeathSour Juice, Flavoring, Chili SauceGentlyNo
Too SoonSour Juice, Flavoring, FlavoringGentlyNo
Head HunterSour Juice, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceGentlyNo
Snake Gall SpecialFlavoring, Flavoring, FlavoringGentlyNo
Orange LassiFlavoring, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceGentlyNo
Herbal Chili WaterChili Sauce, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceGentlyNo
Chicken MasterSyrup, Syrup, SyrupQuicklyNo
Oolong SmoothieSyrup, Syrup, FlavoringQuicklyNo
Golden PunchSyrup, Syrup, Sour JuiceQuicklyNo
Purple BubbleSyrup, Sour Juice, FlavoringQuicklyNo
Bloody MyltaSyrup, Sour Juice, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Citrus Peach CoolerSyrup, Sour Juice, Sour JuiceQuicklyNo
Curry Honey GlopSyrup, Syrup, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Ginger MagicSyrup, Flavoring, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Agent 47Syrup, Flavoring, FlavoringQuicklyNo
Pew PewsSyrup, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Blue ShoeSour Juice, Sour Juice, Sour JuiceQuicklyNo
Hide in BushSour Juice, Sour Juice, FlavoringQuicklyNo
Salty BreezeSour Juice, Sour Juice, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Expired Grape VinegarSour Juice, Flavoring, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Lone WolfSour Juice, Flavoring, FlavoringQuicklyNo
Inferior Lemon WineSour Juice, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Last WordFlavoring, Flavoring, FlavoringQuicklyNo
Expired Bitter GourdFlavoring, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Pepper and Ginger DrinkChili Sauce, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceQuicklyNo
Crystal ColadaSyrup, Syrup, SyrupQuicklyYes
Apple JuiceSyrup, Syrup, Sour JuiceGentlyYes
Conflict and CompromiseSyrup, Sour Juice, Sour JuiceGentlyYes
Severny SlingSyrup, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceGentlyYes
Pulp FictionSour Juice, Sour Juice, Chili SauceGentlyYes
Pi-GiChili Sauce, Chili Sauce, Chili SauceGentlyYes
ConcreteFlavoring, Flavoring, Chili SauceQuicklyNo

Players will unlock rewards as they prepare more drinks. These rewards are: 

  • Supply Crate Coupon: 10 drinks
  • Sunglasses (Rose) for seven days: 15 drinks
  • Five Classic Crate Coupon Scraps: 20 drinks
  • 300 AG: 25 drinks
  • Pilot Jacket for 10 days: 30 drinks
  • Tsunami – SKS for seven days: 34 drinks