Here are the notes and updates for Pokémon UNITE Patch

Finally, a big patch.

Image via TiMi Studio

Pokémon UNITE’s next big update is here, adding Duraladon to the game as its next playable Pokémon and a new balance patch that reworks several moves and effects for the roster. 

This is the first big gameplay update for the game since before Hoopa was added to the game in February, which gives players a lot of new adjustments to digest for 14 Pokémon, including some important changes for Hoopa, Tsareena, Trevenant, and more. 

Almost the entire gameplay update focuses specifically on playable Pokémon and some smaller bug fixes, along with adding some new features like Achievements, data for future events, and other content. Slow Smoke, however, did get nerfed after exploding in popularity following a change in January that made it a high-usage and difficult to deal with Battle Item. 

The developers at TiMi Studio seem to have settled into a pattern, where bigger updates are spaced out while smaller patches every few weeks will add more content and hotfixes to better balance gameplay. This provides a more consistent stream of improvements and content while leaving the overhauls to come out more closely to new battle passes or Pokémon.

With that schedule in mind, here are the full patch notes for the gameplay update. 

Patch notes version


  • Added Duraladon 
  • New items added to the shop
  • New events added to the game
  • Bug fixes
  • Text fixes
  • General changes

Balance adjustments

  • Blastoise
    • Rapid Spin total move upgrade
  • Mr. Mime
    • Guard Swap description changed
    • Confusion damage decreased
    • Psychic can now be used while moving
  • Cramorant
    • Dive damage decreased and controls adjusted
    • Air Slash cooldown increased
  • Alolan Ninetails
    • Standard Attack controls adjusted
    • Aurora Veil move description changed
  • Lucario
    • Close Combat damage and effect on user decreased
  • Greedent
    • Movement speed reduced
    • Tackle cooldown increased
    • Defense Curl effect on user weakened
  • Eldegoss
    • Effect on the user weakened
    • Cotton Cloud Crash recharge rate increased
  • Decidueye
    • Spirit Shackle damage and charging speed increased
    • Nock Nock damage increased
  • Zeraora
    • Volt Switch damage increased
  • Trevenant
    • Movement speed increased
    • General bug fixes
    • Wood Hammer recoil reduced and effect on opponent’s increased
    • Pain Split effect on opponent’s and movement speed increased
  • Tsareena
    • Healing from enhanced Standard Attacks increased after level seven 
    • Trop Kick damage increased and cooldown reduced
    • Stomp damage increased
  • Gengar
    • Enhanced Standard Attacks damage increased
    • Special Attack stat scaling increased per level
  • Hoopa
    • Standard Attack damage increased
    • Shadow Ball damage decreased and cooldown increased
    • Hyperspace Hole cooldown increased
    • Hyperspace Fury damage decreased
  • Aegislash
    • Sacred Sword display bug fixes
  • Slow Smoke
    • Cooldown lengthened and effect weakened