Here are the Pokémon UNITE Patch notes

Greedent is going to be much less of a nuisance after this update.

Images via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE is getting its first balance update since the release of Greedent on Nov. 10, with the newest playable Pokémon getting some serious nerfs. 

It isn’t a sizable patch, only impacting six Pokémon total and a handful of Battle Items, but the changes are all significant and should change how often at least three different Pokémon are used. 

For Greedent, the bulky squirrel isn’t going to be able to run around and cause endless frustration for the enemy team any more. TiMi Studio dealt the Defender three big nerfs and a few other changes. The biggest changes are for Stuff Cheeks and Belch, which have had their Shield amount and damage decreased respectively.

Cheek Pouch will also recover less HP for Greedent, while some additional bugs dealing with Covet and its Unite Move have been patched out. 

And, while Greedent is getting nerfed, Alolan Ninetails and Gardevoir are getting some improvements tossed their way. 

Alolan Ninetails is getting a boost to its Special Attack stat and will have the damage and cooldown reduced for Blizzard. Meanwhile, Gardevoir is getting a similar treatment for Psychic, with increased effects and a reduced cooldown.

The remaining Pokémon changes all revolved around bug fixes, but there are a handful of item updates too. With the new patch, Potion will restore more HP, X Speed will provide a bigger boost to movement speed, and the Full Heal got a bug fix that wasn’t allowing it to activate in specific situations. 

Here are the full, yet limited, patch notes for the version update.

Patch Notes Version

  • Greedent
    • Cheek Pouch recover reduced
    • Covet bug fixed that would allow Belch to be used more frequently
    • Stuff Cheeks shield amount reduced
    • Bullet Seed damage increased
    • Belch damage decreased
    • Berry Belly Flop bug fixed when jumping
  • Alolan Ninetails
    • Special Attack stat increased
    • Blizzard damage increased and cooldown reduced
  • Gardevoir
    • Psychic effect increased and cooldown reduced
  • Sylveon
    • Fairy Frolic bug fixed that would stop HP recovery when used
  • Pikachu
    • Thunder bug fixed that would stop the move from activating
  • Garchomp
    • Rough Skin bug fixed that would see it causing more damage to Zeraora using Wild Charge
  • Item Changes
    • Potion provides increased recovery
    • X Speed provides further increased movement speed
    • Full Heal bug fixed that would stop the item’s activation