Here are all the Spatula items coming in Teamfight Tactics Set 2: Rise of the Elements

Set Two is scheduled to go live in early November.

Image via Riot Games

The huge overhaul of champions, classes, origins, and items for Teamfight Tactics‘ second chapter is well underway, with changes being tested on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

Riot Games collaborated with popular Twitch streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang to unveil the recipes for all of Set Two’s Spatula items on Oct. 22. While five new items will make their TFT debut, three oldies will make a comeback as well.

Here are all the Spatula items coming with Set Two: Rise of the Elements.

Image via Riot Games

Inferno Cinder

As one of Set Two’s more interesting additions, Inferno units burn the ground underneath the target, dealing a percentage of the spell’s pre-mitigation damage over five seconds. With Inferno Cinder, built from Spatula and Needlessly Large Rod, any unit can become a ground-blazing menace.

Talisman of Light

The Light origin, introduced with units like Lux and Yorick, seems like more of a niche bonus, working most effectively under specific circumstances. The Talisman of Light builds from TFT’s Magic Resist item, Negatron cloak, and Spatula. Upon its death, a Light unit will heal all other Light champions and increase their attack speed. Auto attack units, like Rangers or Berserkers, can potentially benefit from donning the Talisman of Light.

Berserker Axe

Berserkers enter the autobattler, giving way to champions like Renekton and Olaf. These units leap to the nearest enemy and have a chance to deal cone damage to all opponents in front of them. The Berserker Axe is created from Spatula and Sparring Gloves, ideal for tankier, auto-attacking units.

Mage’s Cap

The new Mage class has already proven to cause some game-breaking interactions since the bonus gives units a chance to double cast their abilities. Most notably, Disguised Toast was able to turn his Zed into a Mage and overrun his opponent with over 20 clones.

Players expected the Mage’s Cap to build from Spatula and Needlessly Large Rod, but Riot decided to make Tear of Goddess the recipe component. Summoners have already proven to work well when transformed into Mages, but players may also want to try champions like Lux, who have powerful abilities.

Warden’s Mail

The new tanky Warden class also enters TFT, giving increased total armor to those champions. Place a Warden’s Mail, which is predictably built from Spatula and Chain Vest, onto tanky Machine, Berserker, or Woodland units and you can create an unstoppable force of meat shields.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Blade of the Ruined King, and Frozen Mallet

These three Spatula items are making a TFT comeback, along with the Assassin, Blademaster, and Glacial classes and origins. Youmuu’s builds from a BF Sword and Spatula, with Blade of the Ruined King needing a Recurve Bow and Frozen Mallet using a Giant’s Belt.

Fans eager to jump into the TFT Set Two action don’t have to wait long. It’s scheduled for an early November launch.