Gustavo Wada wins second Pokémon TCG Europe International Championships, Riopaser takes consecutive VGC Major titles

The Europe International Championships were a wild ride for four different Pokémon games.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Players from 40 different countries gathered in Frankfurt, Germany this weekend to compete across four different Pokémon titles at the Pokémon Europe International Championships for a chance to qualify for the 2022 Pokémon World Championships.

Across three days, Pokémon TCG, Pokémon VGC, Pokémon Go, and Pokkén Tournament DX were all featured on official broadcasts, with winning players getting a special Pokémon trophy, a mixed amount of monetary prizing in the form of a scholarship or cash prize, and other varied prizes for each competition. 

Just like with most major Pokémon events, each game featured multiple age brackets, with TCG and VGC competitions offering Junior, Senior, and Masters brackets, while Pokkén and Pokémon Go was limited to Senior and Masters. This was also one of the first times four of the five games that will be featured at Worlds 2022 have been held at the same event, with only Pokémon UNITE missing. 

The big standouts for this EUIC were Eric “Riopaser” Rios winning his second-straight VGC event, coming off of his Liverpool Regional win in March, and Gustavo Wada traveling all the way from Brazil to win his second career TCG EUIC. Here are the full results from the 2022 Pokémon Europe International Championships across all events and divisions. 

Pokémon Europe International Championships results

TCG Junior Division:

  • First place: Nathan Osterkatz [US]
  • Second place: Luka Levain [FR]

TCG Senior Division:

  • First place: Caleb Rogerson [US]
  • Second place: Roberto Costanzo [FR]

TCG Masters Division:

  • First place: Gustavo Wada [BR]
  • Second place: Frank Percic [US]

VGC Junior Division:

  • First place: Alexander Musikant [DE]
  • Second place: Francesca Zaglio [IT]

VGC Senior Division:

  • First place: Nicholas Kan [AU]
  • Second place: Alessandro Marchionne [IT]

VGC Masters Division:

  • First place: Eric Rios [ES]
  • Second place: Oliver Eskolin [FI]

Pokémon Go Senior Division:

  • First place: Maxwell Ember (MEweedle) [GB]
  • Second place: Stefan Cojocaru (KrowMDIV) [DE]

Pokémon Go Masters Division:

  • First place: Jakub Zatloukal (Aeeriils) [CZ]
  • Second place: Domnik Wieber (Fr43ka) [DE]

Pokkén Tournament DX Senior Division:

  • First place: Fardin “Royume” Rahman Mikan [DE]

Pokkén Tournament DX Masters Division:

  • First place: Florian “Cloud” Blank [DE]
  • Second place: Motochika “Elm” Nabeshim [JP]