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Fortnite’s season 9, week 1 challenges have been revealed

Season nine has started, and so has the grind.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Are you ready for a new Battle Pass grind?

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s season nine has just been released. We know how the map is and what the new locations are. We've learned about Frostbytes, a new kind of collectible item that players can look for, as well as what’s coming in the cosmetics department thanks to leaks. But now, we also know what the first set of weekly challenges will look like.

As usual, players will be able to complete the season nine, week one challenges in any Fortnite: Battle Royale mode except Playground. The Party Assist feature is still available, so you can get help from your friends to complete any challenge—remember to activate it.

Week one challenges will encourage players to interact with new features of the Fortnite island, such as slipstreams and sky platforms. Players will still find conventional challenges, such as dealing damage to opponents with certain weapons and visiting locations around the island.

Check out the full list of week one challenges.

Free challenges

ChallengesReward (Battle Stars)
Stage 1: Ride the slipstream around Neo Tilted (1)
Stage 2: Ride the slipstream around Mega Mall (1)
Visit all Sky Platforms (7)5
Deal damage to an opponent within 10s after using a Shadow Bomb10

Battle Pass challenges

ChallengesReward (Battle Stars)
Pick up a legendary item in different matches (5)5
Search chests at Lucky Landing or Loot Lake (7)5
Scoped Weapon Eliminations (3)10
Stage 1: Deal damage to opponents from at least two stories above (300)
Stage 2: Deal damage to opponents from at least four stories above (200)
Stage 3: Deal damage to opponents from at least six stories above (100)

These challenges should be easy to complete. The slipstreams are the huge loops in Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, and all players have to do is go through them to complete the challenge. Visiting Sky Platforms should also be an easy task once you know where to find all of them.

Dealing damage to opponents from two, four, and six stories above should be the most difficult challenge. You have to build quite high or be on top of a tall building to complete these challenges, and since they’re progressive, you can’t complete all of them in one match. Go easy, do one at a time, and they should be done in no time.

Players who complete the full set of challenges will be able to look for a secret Battle Star.