Fnatic vs Astralis By The Numbers

Statistical analysis of Fnatic and Astralis' previous matchups

In less than 18 months the Fnatic and Astralis lineups have faced off in 67 maps, 20 best of series and 1804 rounds. Notorious for their perpetual choking it comes as a surprise to learn that Astralis are the only team in CSGO to hold a positive record against Fnatic in offline competition.


Online Fnatic and Astralis have matched up on 27 maps with fnatic winning 16 of them and Astralis 11. As such Fnatic hold a 59.3% winrate over Astralis’ 40.3%. While Fnatic hold a significant map advantage Astralis maintain the best of series advantage winning 4/7(57.1%) online best of series. Considering the scarcity of best of 5 in CSGO it’s curious to note that Astralis and Fnatic have played three best of 5 series online with Astralis winning 2/3(66.7%).

27 online maps have accumulated to 732 rounds being played with Fnatic winning 381(52%) and Astralis winning 351(48%). On average Fnatic have scored 14.1 rounds against Astralis with Astralis averaging 13. In Fnatic’s victories Astralis average 12.8 rounds whereas Fnatic average 13.15 in Astralis victories meaning Fnatic usually put up a tough fight in their losses. 

Inferno and Dust2 are the two most commonly played maps between the two competitors having been played 6 times each and Cache comes in as a close 3rd having been played 5 times. Astralis have hold the advantage on dust2 winning 4/6 (66.7%) of their online dust 2 games whereas fnatic on Inferno fnatic maintain the record winning 4/6 (66.7%) of their online inferno matches against Astralis. For map distribution take a look at the chart below: 

While Fnatic hold a clear advantage in the online matchup winning 16 out of 27 maps, it is interesting to note that they still suffer a disadvantage in best of series with Astralis securing 4 out of 7 best of matches. 


Amazingly, for a team that’s largely been recognized as onliners and chokers, while having a negative winrate against Fnatic online, Astralis are the only team in the world to hold a positive record against the Swedish mammoths offline. Having played a total of 40 maps Astralis have came out on top in 21(52.5%) against Fnatic’s 19(47.5%). Unlike the online statistics, Astralis map advantage also comes with a best of series advantage, but only marginally. Out of the 13 best of series played offline Astralis have won 7(53.8%) against fnatic’s 6(46.2%).

In addition to their map and series advantage Astralis also hold a higher average round in their matchups averaging 13.5 rounds vs fnatic’s 13.3 and a higher overall round count with Astralis securing 541/1072(50.4%) vs Fnatic’s 531/1072(49.6%). In Fnatic’s victories Astralis average 12.9 rounds whereas in Astralis’ victories Fnatic average 13.3 meaning yet again Fnatic are more decisive in their victories and play a closer match in their losses. 

Again inferno shows up as the most popular map between juggernaut teams having been played a total of 10 times between Astralis and Fnatic offline, however, intriguingly mirage jumps two second place with the map being played 9 times. Dust 2 follows along with 8 matches being recorded. Fnatic boast a 60% winrate on inferno winning 6/10 maps and Astralis maintain a 55.6% winrate on Mirage securing 5/9 maps. Dust 2 is split 50/50 with Fnatic and Astralis each maintaing 4 dust 2 victories. For a better distribution of map picks take a look at the diagram below: 

While overall Fnatic come out on top in most areas with more rounds, higher average rounds and a 35-32 map record, Astralis can proudly claim that they’re the only team in the world with a positive winrate against fnatic offline and the only team to have a positive record in best of series both offline and online. Off this we can conclude that not only are Astralis not onliners but they’re also the team with the best performance against the best team in the world, Fnatic. Something Astralis players and Danish fans can certainly be proud of. 



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