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FaZe Tfue returns to streaming after being banned from Twitch

He's back, and he's in a new house.

Tfue is back on Twitch and YouTube after both channels were taken down.
Screengrab via Tfue

FaZe clan’s controversial Fortnite star Turner “Tfue” Tenney is back on Twitch and YouTube after both of his channels were taken offline, according to a new video from his restored YouTube account.

In a video titled “What really happened to my Twitch and YouTube,” Tfue revealed that he was banned from Twitch for 14 days due to “some stupid, stupid stuff” that “wasn’t even bad.” He refused to specifically explain why his Twitch account was suspended, although he confirmed that his entire YouTube account was taken down by a hacker shortly after his Twitch was shut down. The entire process to restore his hacked YouTube channel took two weeks in total, something he called a “pain in the ass.”

During the downtime, a despondent Tfue decided to pack up his things, head out to Los Angeles, and hang out with his fellow FaZe clan members.

“When I knew that I wasn’t gonna get my YouTube back soon and my Twitch was banned I was like, screw it, I had nothing left to do but to go pretty much move out to L.A. and hang out with the FaZe guys and [Ricky Banks] and all that,” Tfue said in his explanation video.

Tfue subsequently brought his streaming setup with him to L.A. and moved into a new house, and he also claimed that he used the ban to begin “working on myself.” He decided that he would start vlogging on his restored YouTube channel, and he revealed that he already recorded vlogs while his channels were offline.

That said, Tfue didn’t have a fun time staying off Twitch during his ban: He said he was “sad,” “bored,” and “depressed” over the past two weeks, and that the ban was “rough.”

“This whole thing was just like a wake up call though,” Tfue said during the video. “Like, the last bans and the last hacks I could just kinda brush it off, but this one was bad dude, this one sucked.”

Things look like they’re picking up for Tfue. He’s already back on Twitch, where he started streaming shortly after 2pm CT, and FaZe’s captain Dennis “FaZe Cloak” Lepore plans to move in with him soon. Tfue said that he wants to stream “at least five times a week,” and no, he isn’t leaving streaming for good: He plans to continue “grinding and grinding” nearly every day, alongside vlogging and doing real-life videos.

“No matter how bad it gets, I’m never gonna quit doing what I love, y’know?” Tfue said in his video. “I’m just gonna keep grinding and grinding until I have a grey beard and I’m drinking Budweiser on my porch in a rocking chair, dude.”

Speculation remains rampant as to why Tfue was banned from Twitch. On Aug. 29, Tfue’s older brother Jack “10E” Tenney posted a YouTube video claiming that Tfue was banned after Tfue’s “chat was toxic” toward a smaller Twitch streamer. Tfue’s father, on the other hand, claims Tfue was suspended for saying “a banned word on Twitch.” While Tfue is back, he seems coy about revealing the real reason why he was removed, leaving more questions than answers for many.