FaZe Clan signs PUBG Mobile roster

The organization has picked up an all-Thai roster.

Image via Tencent

FaZe Clan has become the latest organization to jump into PUBG Mobile after signing an all-Thai roster.

The organization announced on Facebook the signing of Ratchapol “BulShark” Maneerat, Tharit “Vintorez” Pluksang, Thirapong “Maroon5” Murrasi, and Wacharakorn “Echo” Tiengtis. All of the players were formerly part of EVOS Burnout and have only minor achievements to their name.

BulShark is perhaps the most well-known player of the four. He is also a PUBG Mobile content creator and primarily streams on Facebook where he has over 68,000 followers. The player participated in the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) 2019 where he teamed up with EVOS Gank and finished fourth in the competition.

FaZe Clan Thailand also announced that they have received a direct invite to the PUBG Mobile Thailand Pro League 2020 for the spring split. The newly signed roster will now be seen in action at the Pro League where they will be locking horns with teams like RRQ Athena, ILLUMINATE The Murder, and Purple Mood E-Sport. The tournament will kick-off on Feb. 14.