Faker keeps his cool after suffering another nasty fall in Jump King

He's a determined jumper.

Faker MSI Day 3
Photo via Riot Games

Faker’s attempts to complete Jump King continued today with a few setbacks.

The matchmaking times in the higher divisions of League of Legends can be quite long, especially if you’re the greatest League player of all time. Faker enjoys playing indie games to kill time in between matches on stream. 

During a recent stream, he started playing Jump King, a game developed by Nexile that became a hit on Twitch due to its frustrating nature. It seems like the three-time world champion struggles when it comes to pixelated adventure-platform games, though, because he slipped and fell once again.

T1’s star player got off to a great start to the game and it seemed like he was on a roll. His momentum was cut short, though, when he misstepped around the left side of the map. There wasn’t anything for his character to hold on to and his mistake turned into a freefall.

Faker, also known for his cool and calm demeanor, showed signs of frustration by itching the back of his head. Regardless of how many floors he fell down, he managed to continue playing the game this time around.

A couple of months ago, Faker was playing Jump King and his screen turned black. When he tabbed back into the game, he saw his character falling. Unlike his recent freefall, he was lucky enough to land on a corner to stop his decent. But the series of misplays that he made after the landing caused him to return to the beginning of the map in a matter of 40 seconds.

Faker rage quit and returned to his League match shortly after his character crashed onto the floor. The two events may be quite similar, but Faker’s behavior on both occasions was different. He either grew spiritually since his last fall in Jump King or he’s gained a better understanding of what to get mad at.

The only difference between the two falls seems to be the cause of them. His last fall was a combination of a computer error and constant misplays by his side, which made Faker rage quit. This time, however, it was sheer bad luck since he couldn’t find a single floor to break his fall. 

Though it looks like Faker still has a lot of room to grow before finally completing Jump King, at least he defended his LCK title against Gen.G last weekend.