Everything you need to know about Victor, the latest PUBG Mobile character

The game has introduced a new character system.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile recently received a new character system along with the introduction of Victor. The character is free for everyone and grants players a unique perk.

Victor is a “submachine gun geek” due to his reduced reloading time on all of the SMG weapons that he uses. At level one, his reloading time has been increased by four percent. But this number scales up as new levels for the character are unlocked. At level nine, his reloading time is reduced by 10 percent.

Image via Tencent

This reduced reloading time is only applicable to the Evo Ground modes (except Team Deathmatch) in PUBG Mobile. The character can be played in classic matches, but his unique perk won’t be in effect.

Victor has unique outfits that are exclusive to him. He also has exclusive voice messages and emotes.

The character comes with 10 unlockable levels. Each level provides a new feature for the character. Level two unlocks new voice messages while level three will increase his reloading time even more. Reaching level 10 will give players the MVP emote, Triumphant return. Playing with the character grants XP that’s used to level him up. XP can be purchased to quickly level up the character, too.

Leveling up unlocks new things | Image via Tencent

There are also specific voice messages, outfits, and emotes that can’t be unlocked in the level road. Shards, which can be purchased using UC, are used for unlocking these features.

Tencent will certainly release more characters for the battle royale game. These characters may not be available for free like Victor and will have different perks, however.