Everything to know about Twitch Rivals Rift Series Spirit Blossom tournaments

It's multi-title competition for the ages.

Legends of Runeterra Fiora
Image via Riot Games

Sixteen teams from Europe and North America are set to compete in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra to claim the title of Ultimate Runeterra Team in the Twitch Rivals Rift Spirit Blossom Series. 

A total of 96 competitors in the EU and NA, 48 in each region, were drafted by team captains for the upcoming Twitch Rivals Spirit Blossom Series. The event will take place over the course of four days in July and feature gameplay in TFT, League, and LoR


Both regions will compete on the same days but at different times. All matches and titles are being streamed via Twitch Rivals. 

EU times

  • July 8 Draft Day: 2pm CT
  • July 15  Day one EU (LoR): 10am CT
  • July 16  Day two EU (TFT): 10am CT
  • July 22to 23 Days three and four EU (League): 8am CT

NA times

  • July 8 Draft Day: 1pm CT
  • July 15 Day 1 NA (LoR): 3pm CT
  • July 16 Day 2 NA (TFT): 3pm CT
  • July 22 to 23 Days 3/4 NA (League): 3pm CT

Prize earnings 

Teams will compete in each tournament for a total prize pool of $200,000 between both regions, with a minimum of $4,000 earned per team in each region. Rankings at the end of each tournament will reward teams with points, and the team with the most points at the end of the Rift Series will earn the title of Ultimate Rift Series Runeterra champions. 

Here’s the payout breakdown per region.

  • First place: $30,000
  • Second place: $20,000
  • Third place: $15,000
  • Fourth place: $10,000
  • Fifth place: $7,000
  • Sixth place: $6,000
  • Seventh place: $5,000
  • Eight place: $4,000

Players who earn the highest amount of points in each region are eligible for MVP payouts with first earning $2,000 and second getting $1,000.

Formats and rules

The Rift Series event is a multi-title tournament in which all members from each team must play in two of the titles, including captains. Each title has it’s own format and set rules

Legends of Runeterra format

  • Teams are split into five blocks.
  • Each block is split into two groups of four. 
  • The format is best-of-three Conquest with ban via Round Robin.
  • The top two players of both groups in a block advance to the top-four bracket.
  • The top-four bracket is Single Elimination best-of-three with ban Conquest format. 
  • A total of 3,000 points are up for grabs in LoR

Teamfight Tactics format

  • Teams are split into five lobbies with eight players in a lobby.
  • There are a total of four waves.
  • Following each wave the top three players will move up a lobby while the bottom three move down.
  • A total of eight players will advance to the final lobby.
  • Final lobby will award bonus points. 
  • A total of 5,000 points are up for grabs in TFT.

League of Legends format

  • Captains will select five players to participate each day. 
  • The group stage will contain two groups, A and B, with four teams via each.
  • All Round Robin games in the group stage are best-of-one with Tournament Draft.
  • The top two teams will advance to the bracket stage
  • Playoff games are best-of-three single elimination.
  • A total of 7,000 points are up for grabs in League.

Update July 9 1:15pm CT: Dot Esports reached out to Twitch Rivals regarding clarification for the LoR format. The format for Swiss and single elimination is best-of-three Conquest with bans. It was previously reported without knowledge of whether there were bans.