ESL Mobile Open August Finals for PUBG Mobile will decide 3 spots for Milan

This is the last chance to qualify for the grand finals at the Milan Games Week.

Image via ESL

The PUBG Mobile August Finals for the ESL Mobile Open by Vodafone 5G is coming soon and will decide the remaining three teams that will get to play at the Milan Games Week in September.

The Group A and Group B finals will be played on Aug. 28. Group A contains 16 teams mainly from European countries and parts of the Middle East. Group B only includes teams from India.

After a month of intense qualifiers, 20 squads from Groups A and B will participate in the August Finals. The top two teams from Group A and the winner from Group B will qualify for the grand finals at the Milan Games Week next month.

The 20 participating squads in Group A are:

  1. Claws Esports
  2. Digital Athletics
  3. DIFAI
  4. Euro E-Sports
  5. Fear The Flame
  6. Ghouls Well Known
  7. High Hopes
  8. Istanbul Wild Cats
  9. K4L
  10. Myth Impulse
  12. PENTA
  13. S2 Gaming
  15. SvR Esport
  16. Synergy Valiant
  17. Team Gravity
  18. Team Plague
  19. Unicorns of Love
  20. USSR

Group B features:

  1. 4HorseMen
  2. 8bitBeg4Mercy
  3. Blade Breakers
  5. God’s Reign
  6. HEXAGON Esports
  7. Inc Xtreme
  8. iNSANE
  9. Knights INDIA
  10. Mega X
  11. MegaStars
  13. Team 8bit
  14. Team Apex
  15. Team GO
  16. Team Psyche
  17. Team Savage
  18. Team1iE
  19. TeamIND
  20. TeamINS

So far, the June and July qualifiers have been conducted for both of the groups and seven squads have qualified for the grand finals. This includes Kaos, Cream Esports, Team404, Futbolist, and Neon Esports from Group A. Orange Rock Esports and Synergy Gaming have qualified from the Indian group.

The grand finals are scheduled to be held at the Milan Games Week on Sept. 28 and 29. The event will also feature Asphalt 9: Legends in addition to PUBG Mobile. The prize pool for the tournament is approximately $184,000 (€165,000).