Effects of defeating each wild Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE

Get buffed.

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In PokémonUNITE, the newest mobile MOBA set in the world of Pokémon on Nintendo Switch, your task is simple: defeat the opposing wild Pokémon on the map, pick up their energy, and slam dunk it into the other team’s goal.

Among the wild Pokémon on the map are a handful of special ones that perform certain actions or dish out specific buff auras if you defeat them, a mechanic familiar to MOBA players of games like League of Legends and Dota 2.

Here is a list of all the wild Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE that gift an aura or an action to the player or team that defeats them.


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Located in the area near the spawns on both sides of Remoat Stadium (the only currently available Standard Battle map), Bouffant drops the Orange Jungle Buff to the player that gets the last hit on him. The Orange Jungle Buff causes enemies hit by players with the active buff to be slowed down. This is a great buff for junglers looking the gank enemies pushed too far up in lanes or too deep in the jungle.

Any player that helps defeat Bouffalant will also get some experience and some points.


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Ludicolo is located near the same areas as Bouffalant, close to each team’s spawn area. Defeating Ludicolo drops the player the Purple Buff, and like the Orange Buff it only goes to the player who gets the last hit. The Purple Buff increases damage dealt to enemies with low health.

Once the enemy gets below 50 percent health, auto attacks and special abilities begin to inflict more damage than they normally would. This is a great buff for any finisher or jungler looking to secure kills on weakened enemies.

Both Bouffalant and Ludicolo spawn 15 seconds after a match begins, and they both respawn just one minute after being defeated.


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Located at the top of the map, equidistant from both teams, is Rotom. Rather than buffing a specific player, Rotom helps the entire team that defeats them. After being defeated, they travel to the nearest opposing goal, fighting opposing Pokemon if they have to, and support his team’s scoring efforts. Rotom charges the opposing goal for 14 seconds, making scoring instant.

If you defeat Rotom, make sure to escort him to the opposing goal, since the opponents can defeat him before it charges their goal. You can do the same if the other team captures him.


Image via Nintendo

Located at the bottom of the map, Drednaw provides a defensive buff to an entire team when it is defeated. The shield value looks to be somewhere between 15 to 20 percent of the player’s health, and is applied to whole team regardless of if a player participated in defeating them.

Like jungle creatures in other MOBAs, the buff goes to the team that gets the final hit, so be wary of players on the opposing team trying to steal the buff at the end of a fight.


Image via Nintendo

Finally, we have the central wild Pokémon, the Legendary Bird Zapdos. Zapdos is located in the very center of the map, and it only shows up in the final two minutes of a 10-minute match. When it shows up, the team that defeats it gets a mighty treasure of energy points, and it makes scoring instantaneous for 30 seconds.

If the team that defeats Zapdos scores all the points they get by beating it, it’s a total of 110 points added to a team’s total in the last two minutes. Think of Zapdos as the Pokémon Unite version of the Golden Snitch.


Image via the Pokemon Company

Avalugg is a wild boss Pokemon that can be defeated in the Quick Battle mode, which isn’t unlocked until trainer level eight. It shows up in the center of the Shivre City map after four minutes, and upon defeat will place a barrier on your team’s goals. Defeating it also puts a an Ice Shield around a team, which protects you and your teammates and damages opponents.

The team that defeats Avalugg can also earn up to a total of 80 points. Unlike the central wild Pokémon in Zapdos, Avalugg doesn’t just spawn once; it will respawn after being defeated.

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