Does Pokémon TCG Live have a Battle Pass?

Get ready to grind for some progression.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG Live will bring the world of digital simulation for the Pokémon franchise into what looks like a more modern format, with the newer platform adding multiple aspects and features that weren’t permanently featured in games when the original Pokémon TCG Online launched in 2012. 

This includes multiple different in-game currencies, a Ranked Ladder, and a Battle Pass model that will be directly integrated into the game. 

For now, all we know is that the Battle Pass will have multiple variants, including a Premium Pass, which will give players rewards based on how many quests they finish. Two new daily quests will be available to players each day, which will give players experience and quest rewards, such as Booster Packs, accessories, and more. 

For players who want the top-level experience, they can use one of the in-game currencies, Crystals, to upgrade their Battle Pass to the Premium Pass. 

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No details about the Battle Pass or Premium Pass have been revealed outside of the basic daily information and reward offerings. 

We will likely learn more about both styles of Battle Passes, what differentiates them, and everything players can expect when trying to complete them when TCG Live enters its open global beta at some point later this year.