CoD: Mobile is ‘on track’ to make more than $1 billion in 2021

The developer wants all of its major franchises on mobile.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile is making Activision a lot of money. In its Q2 financial results and earnings call, Activision Blizzard revealed that the game is “on track” to cross $1 billion in consumer spending for the year.

This growth is particularly due to the game’s release in China and regular seasonal content in the West. CoD: Mobile was released in the lucrative Chinese market on Dec. 25, 2020.

Daniel Alegre, the president and COO at Activision Blizzard, said the developer has new modes, maps, and seasonal events planned out for the second half of the year. Recently, the company released the Undead Siege mode into CoD: Mobile, which marked the return of the anticipated Zombies mode.

“Our team continues to enhance the game, building on learnings from player data and leveraging over 15 years of Call of Duty content to deliver increasingly compelling content and driving greater player investment over time,” Alegre said.

Armin Zerza, the chief financial officer at Activision Blizzard, revealed that 40 percent of the company’s net bookings in the previous quarter came from mobile games. With such a huge success, Activision Blizzard is working on making more mobile games and intends to bring all of its major franchises to handheld devices “in the coming years.”

For this, Activision has set up a new in-house studio for mobile games in Santa Monica, California. The studio, along with support from Canadian video game development company Beenox and Activision Shanghai, is working to create a new AAA mobile title in the Call of Duty franchise. It’s been rumored that the game could be Warzone Mobile.

Besides this, Blizzard is working on two unannounced “Warcraft mobile experiences.” These are currently in internal testing and more details about them will be shared “soon.”

In the Q2 earnings press release, Blizzard added that Diablo Immortal is progressing “well” through testing and will be released in the first half of 2022. The company also said it’s pursuing additional opportunities to make the title more engaging for a wider audience. It’s unclear what these are at the moment.


Wasif Ahmed
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