CoD: Mobile and Warzone crossover event is giving away 3 epic soldiers

You can get the Hazmat Bomber, Soap - Hazmat, or T.E.D.D. through the event.

Image via Garena

As a nuke demolished Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone, the time has rewound to give players a new map. To celebrate the launch of Verdansk ’84, Activision is bringing a crossover event to CoD: Mobile, which is giving away three epic soldiers.

The Radioactive Agent Redemption is currently live in the events menu of CODM. Through it, players can get one of three epic soldiers, which are the Hazmat Bomber, Soap – Hazmat, and T.E.D.D. The event will be live until May 6 at 7pm CT.

Image via Activision

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To acquire one of the soldiers, all you need to do is link your official Call of Duty account to CODM. Then, you must play a match of Warzone using the same account. If you do this, an exchange token will be available in the CODM mailbox within 72 hours. This token can be used to get one of the epic soldiers.

If you don’t have a Call of Duty account, you can register for one on the official website here. Once this is done, go to the social settings of CODM and click on the Call of Duty button. Enter your login details to link both accounts. You will also receive the Ghost – Stealth Operator if you’re doing this for the first time.

The new Verdansk ‘84 has introduced seven new locations, while five others have been redesigned.