Celebrated StarCraft 2 coach joins Overwatch team Laser Kittenz

He'll help the team bootcamp in South Korea in a few weeks.

Overwatch team Laser Kittenz has brought on former StarCraft 2 coach Hong “Cella” Seung Pyo as the roster’s new coach.

The former SlayerS and Team Acer StarCraft 2 and League of Legends team Ex Nihilo coach will transition to the first-person shooter, working with European Laser Kittenz Overwatch roster as they bootcamp in South Korea in the coming weeks. “Cella will be basically performing life coach duties during our bootcamp, but he’s already studying pro play as we’re slowly planning to transition him to a more strategic role,” Laser Kittenz CEO and founder Ali “Alicus” Saba told Dot Esports.

As the head coach of StarCraft 2 team SlayerS, Cella was awarded the Best Coach Award from the Global StarCraft 2 Team League in both May and March 2011.

Cella’s apparently been practicing Overwatch with StarCraft legend Lim “BoxeR” Yo Hwan, Saba said.

To start, coaching duties will include scheduling and conditioning, Cella told Dot Esports. As he gets more comfortable with Overwatch, Cella will shift toward a focus on player and team style. Though Overwatch and StarCraft have entirely different gameplay, Cella’s experience as a respected coach is a definite asset for Laser Kittenz.

Laser Kittenz are currently participating in the European Overwatch PIT Championship, with a 2-3 record in their group.