Call of Duty: Mobile’s Attack of the Undead mode return date revealed

Play as the undead in this mode.

Image via Activision

One of the most unique modes in Call of Duty: Mobile is the “Attack of the Undead.” It was released for a limited period during season seven. Ever since its removal, players have been asking about its return to the game. Activision answered that call in a community update on Reddit today.

The Attack of the Undead mode will be coming back on Sept. 3 at 7pm CT. Being a featured mode, it will be for a limited time, although the date of when the mode will be rotated out of the game hasn’t been revealed yet.

For the unaware, the mode is similar to the Infected mode in other Call of Duty titles. In Attack of the Undead, one player is randomly chosen to become the undead at the start of a match. This player has to infect the humans before the time runs out. The undead will respawn on being killed while the survivors will turn into the undead. Survivors will be equipped with weapons while the undead just have a knife to take down the humans.

Activision also revealed that teasers for season 10 will begin to drop this weekend. The new season will begin around Sept. 11. Also, CODM will be celebrating its first anniversary on Oct. 1. Activision has said that there will be “something special” in the game to mark the momentous occasion.

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While players wait for the mode to drop, they can currently play the other featured modes in the game. This includes the prop hunt, snipers-only, and the fast-paced 10-versus-10 modes.