Call of Duty: Mobile season 9 upcoming features release date unveiled

Action packed 10-vs-10 modes are also coming.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season nine, Conquest, is finally here. It brings the anticipated Gunsmith features and a lot of changes to the battle royale mode. 

While these can be experienced as soon as the season update drops, there is some more stuff that will be released throughout the season. Activision revealed what players can expect in the future through the season nine roadmap.

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10-vs-10 modes

The 10-vs-10 Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Domination modes won’t be playable at the release of season nine. According to the season nine roadmap, it will come in mid-August. It seems players will have to wait just a few days to experience the action-packed mode. 

Image via Activision

Seasonal challenges

Three of the upcoming features will be available in the form of seasonal challenges. This includes the Outlaw sniper rifle with Blood in Water camo, amped perk, and the lethal equipment, Thermite. 

While Outlaw – Blood in Water and the Amped Perk will be available in mid-August, the Thermite lethal equipment will release in late August. 

The Amped Perk reduces rocket launcher reload speed and increases weapon swap speed. The Thermite sticks to surfaces and damages players around it by burning them for a few seconds. 

Featured event: Finest Hour

Also revealed in the season nine roadmap was the Finest Hour event. Activision still hasn’t revealed an expected release date for the event.  

Plates have to build troops by upgrading their weapons in the Gunsmith feature in this event. These troops can be used to attach Axis occupied cities. Players will have to select the Western or Eastern front in the Finest Hour event.