Call of Duty: Mobile season 6 beta patch notes reveal new maps and game modes

Two maps, three game modes, and an operator skill will join the game.

Image via Activision

One week after the official launch of the Call of Duty: Mobile beta for April, the patch notes of season six were revealed earlier today. Most of the content was already leaked a few days ago, however.

The patch will feature three game modes, two maps, a new operator skill, and various other changes.

Screengrab via Activision

The three upcoming game modes are Capture the Flag, Kill Confirmed, and one-vs-one Duel. The first game mode is a classic with easy-to-understand rules. Teams must capture the flag and bring it back to their base to earn points.

In Kill Confirmed, players collect dog tags dropped by killed opponents to earn points. The first team to reach 30 points grabs the win. It’s also close to Team Deathmatch, but the need to secure dog tags creates different strategies and rewards team coordination.

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Saloon, one of the new maps for season six, is dedicated to the last new game mode, one-vs-one Duel, to further strengthen its Old West theme. This game mode will only be played on Saloon. In this mode, players face off against one enemy and earn points for each elimination. The player with the most points wins.

The other new map, Rust, is the smallest map released in CoD Mobile and will host multiplayer matches. The reduced size of the map will enable close-range fights and encourage aggressiveness.

The Annihilator, a strong operator skill, will also join the game. It has the ability to kill a player with a single shot. It can be particularly deadly because players don’t need to have good aim to use it well since it includes aim assist.

Other minor changes will be brought with the season six update, such as a themed UI, updates to the battle royale map, and traditional bug fixes.

The CoD Mobile beta test started on April 15 and players have until tomorrow, April 21, to download the version.

Meanwhile, competitive season four still has one month to go before making way for the next one. The Steel Legion Battle Pass will end in 11 days. Players can also enjoy the last day of the Easter Egg Prop Hunt and Battle Royale Easter Egg limited-time events with exclusive rewards.