Call of Duty: Mobile season 13 is called Winter War

It will be released next week.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s 12th season is coming to a close.

In the past few weeks, Activision has started teasing the features that will be present in season 13 of the game. And today, the company revealed that the 13th season will be called Winter War.

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As usual, the new season will bring a battle pass with some exclusive skins, soldiers, emotes, and more. Aside from this, season 13 will also mark the beginning of a new rank series. The eighth rank series will kick off with the new season. Players’ ranks will be reset with new rank rewards arriving in the game.

Activision brings a new season to CoD: Mobile every month, while a new rank series begins every two months.

With the theme of the season revolving around winter, Activision has confirmed that two “snowy” maps will drop into the game next season. These are the Raid Holiday map and Nuketown Russia. Additionally, another map called Rebirth is coming to CODM.

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Two new weapons, an assault rifle and an SMG, are arriving with Winter War as well. These are the Peacekeeper MK2 and the QXR. Activision also recently teased an expansion to the battle royale map, Isolated.

Besides this, players can expect an operator skill, scorestreak, tactical equipment, perk, and modes to drop in season 13 “early next week.”