Call of Duty: Mobile season 11 update is live

Come celebrate the one-year anniversary.

Image via Activision

The anticipated 11th season update for Call of Duty: Mobile is here. Activision has said a lot of features are coming to the game with the new season to mark the first anniversary of the game, which was released on Oct. 1, 2019.

The season is fittingly called “Anniversary.” It is bringing a new weapon, mode, map, attachments, and much more to the mobile game. Besides this, a lot of content will be dropping during the entire season as a part of the anniversary celebration. It has still not been revealed what this will be.

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Players can update the game and play the new featured mode, Cranked. In this mode, players enter the “cranked state” after getting a kill, which offers more points. Players will have to get a kill within a short time frame in the cranked state. If a player isn’t able to do so, they will self-destruct. Players also get speed up, faster reload, and ADS boost buffs in the cranked state.

The new map is the King from Modern Warfare. It will be released later during the season. Only the one-vs-one duel and two-vs-two gunfight modes will be playable.

A new weapon called the Fennec and the Advanced UAV scorestreak will be released with the season 11 battle pass tomorrow at 7pm CT. The Fennec is a close-range submachine gun with a very high rate of fire. Another weapon, the NA-45 from Advanced Warfare, will be coming to the game later this season with an in-game event.

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A new perk, Tactician, will be making its way into the game as well. When this is equipped, players spawn with an extra piece of tactical equipment.