Call of Duty: Mobile is getting a new assault rifle in season 2

It is likely the AS VAL from Modern Warfare.

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Mobile’s season two around the corner, Activision has started dropping teasers on what players can expect from the upcoming season.

The official CoD: Mobile Twitter posted a teaser today of an upcoming weapon in the next season. The post asked players to guess what the weapon is based on its silhouette.

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The teased weapon looks similar to Modern Warfare’s AS VAL. The suppressed assault rifle has a magazine size of 20 bullets, which can be increased to 30 using an attachment. In Modern Warfare, the weapon could be equipped with a sniper scope as well to make it an effective rifle in long-range gunfights.

Image via Activision

The AS VAL isn’t the only feature coming to CoD: Mobile from Modern Warfare in season two. Yesterday, Activision revealed a new CoD: Mobile map for season two: the popular Shoot House map from Modern Warfare.

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CoD: Mobile’s second season is expected to begin on March 10 at 6pm CT. Players can also expect a number of new features which will likely be revealed in the coming days, including a new rank series to the game.