C9’s ALEX spotted on VALORANT Champions Tour team sign-up page, could be competing in Phase 2

The captain of the Colossus is considering a new direction.

Photo via DreamHack

The captain of the now-disbanded Cloud9 Colossus could be making his move over to VALORANT in the near future.

Alex McMeekin, a decorated CS:GO in-game leader from the U.K., posted a VALORANT video on Twitter the same day C9 stepped back from CS:GO. His only post since then has been a link to his stream, where he played more VALORANT.

But the real eye-opening development is his supposed appearance on a team page on the official website for the VALORANT Champions Tour. The team competing as Bref (French for "brief" or "short") signed up the same day C9 left CS:GO and is led by a CSGOALEX. This is the name C9 ALEX uses on Twitter, Twitch, and in-game for VALORANT.

Image via VALORANT Champions Tour

The team is signed up to compete in the open qualifier for the first Challengers event in the second phase of the VCT in Europe. They'll start in the first round in a best-of-one against Bleiz, a Lithuanian team.

While this isn't a concrete sign that ALEX is permanently switching to VALORANT, it shows that he's at the very least considering his options. If anything, it's the only way he can currently scratch his competitive itch while he's on C9's inactive CS:GO roster.

ALEX was the first player brought into the newest C9 CS:GO project, nicknamed the Colossus, back in September. He was hand-picked by new general manager Henry Greer and signed to a three-year deal worth $1.65 million.

A clash in styles led to C9 parting ways with coach Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović after just a few months. Just a few more months later, the financial and logistical obstacles created by the COVID-19 pandemic, grouped with the Colossus' poor overall performance, forced C9 to put its CS:GO endeavor "on pause."

If he does transition to VALORANT, ALEX could be a valuable asset and a capable leader in a growing European scene.

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