Broken Blades event, Riven, and Irelia now live in Wild Rift

"A blade can always be sharper."

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s Patch 2.3 is in full swing and today the game has launched its Broken Blades event, along with new champions Riven and Irelia.

As a reward for completing the missions within the event, players will have the opportunity to score themselves one of these new champions for free. The event will appear the first time a player boots up the game following its June 2 release and will prompt you to select a path. Choosing the Riven path will allow you to unlock Riven at the conclusion of the event, the Irelia path will do the same for her.

Alongside the champions, there are also other rewards to be earned such as baubles, icons, blue motes, and poro coins.

Both Riven and Irelia are also available for purchase in the Wild Rift store for the cost of 725 Wild Cores, or 5500 blue motes. Alongside the new champions, there is a skin each and these are some of the best-looking skins available for either of them.

For Riven you can score the Arcade Riven skin providing a retro gaming look for the exiled warrior, this skin will cost 990 Wild Cores.

Irelia has the Order of the Lotus skin available to purchase and this look gives the champion an elegant edge, with her blades and outfit taking a bright pink color scheme. This skin also costs 525 Wild Cores to purchase.

The Broken Blades event will wind up on June 15, so if you plan on scoring yourself some free loot you should definitely get in quick.