Blastoise, Gardevoir, and other Pokémon will be added to Pokémon Unite post-launch

TiMi Studios is already detailing future content.

Pokémon Unite is releasing on the Nintendo Switch in July, but not every playable Pokémon will be available in the game when it launches. 

TiMi Studios, the development team behind the new MOBA, confirmed today that several Pokémon will be joining the roster after the game’s initial launch. 

This is common practice for most games that implement DLC or function as live service models, including other MOBAs like Dota 2 and League of Legends, which add multiple new characters per year. 

For now, TiMi revealed Blastoise and Gardevoir will be the first two Pokémon added to Unite post-launch. Both will likely feature their full evolutionary lines, and there might be an interesting cross introduction with Gallade for Gardevoir too. 

Pokémon in Unite will be unlocked using a Unite license, which can be obtained through the Unite Battle Committee, a shop where you exchange Aeos coins or gems to take Pokémon into Unite Battles. Aeos coins and Aeos tickets can be acquired by playing the game, while Aeos gems are the game’s paid currency. 

Unite will release on Switch in July, followed by a mobile release in September, with crossplay and cross-progression planned for the game. TiMi will also be hosting a network test for the Switch version of the game from June 24 to 26, though it currently appears this will only be available in Japan.